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Cronomio is a social platform which allows you to keep up with the best events in tech and startup world.


  • Browse through events tailored to your interests.
  • Stay on top of tech news before they happen.
  • Keep track of deadlines you should not miss.


  • Be part of the buzz around events you like.
  • Get to know new people who share your interests.
  • Spice up your social life by attending better events.


  • Add events to your calendar with a single click.
  • Get notifications in case of any changes or updates.
  • Have all your events neatly organised in one app.


Cronomio covers a wide range of events from the tech and startup world. In the app you can find anything from startup meetups to exciting product releases to global tech conferences.

If you would like to take some time off and discover best and unique parties in your city you can join our Facebook events. 2 million people in over 60 cities have already done so!

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The greatest events in the tech and startup community are listed on Cronomio. Today we reveal the most important news of tomorrow.

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What is Cronomio?
Cronomio is a social platform for events integrated with your calendar. It allows you to easily discover tech and startup events tailored to your interests. Once you found an event you can easily add it to your calendar and share with wider public.
How is Cronomio different from other outlets covering events?
What makes Cronomio different from news outlets focused on tech and startups is its focus on delivering information at the appropriate time - before the event. This gives you a full view of events you cannot miss and therefore makes planning easier.
When will I be able to use Cronomio?
After early tests in Paris and London in spring of 2015 we launched a beta of Cronomio in the fall of 2015. The beta is currently available on Android with iOS version in the pipeline. Sign up to our newsletter to be notified of the exact dates on top of this page.
What can I do if I like your project?
The first thing to do would be to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. If you would like to actively participate in the development of our community we invite you to become a Cronomio Contributor. You can also help us to improve Cronomio by sharing your feedback with us.
What’s the calendar tab for?
This tab allows you to see what’s in your schedule. Here you can find the events that you discovered within the application as well as those that are in your agenda. It automatically syncs with calendars that are installed on your smartphone.
What’s the next tab for?
This section of Cronomio allows you to check what’s happening now and in the near future. So if you are looking for something to do today or want to access chronological list of events that’s the place to look at.
What’s the trending tab for?
This tab allows you to discover hot events. We take into account the amount of buzz that events receive from the community and use proprietary technology to ensure that displayed events are tailored to your interests. The more you interact with the application the smarter it becomes. Keep on clicking!
How did you come up with the app name?
Ancient Greeks knew how to keep themselves busy. They organised and attended multiple sport, cultural and political events. In order to squeeze all of them into their schedules they had Chronos to help them out - the god of time. Although we do not aspire to become a holy application we do believe that we can also give some guidance on how to spice up your free time with great events :)
Something went wrong with the application. With whom should I get in touch?
We are sorry to hear that something went wrong and will do our best to fix it as soon as possible. If you are experiencing a problem with our application please drop us a message using the chat tool in the app (top right corner) an email at contact@cronomio.com with a short description of the issue. If possible please let us know which version of the app do you use and on what device.
Are you hiring?
We are always looking for people who are passionate about our vision and technology. If you think you can contribute with your enthusiasm and skills to development of Cronomio drop us an email.

Who is behind the project?

We are students who want to revolutionise the way we discover and share events. We have been joined by professional developers to make that vision become a reality.

Iurie Cordunean


Sciences Po Paris

Artur Reszka


Cambridge University,

Sciences Po Paris

Arnaud Guyon

CTO, lead front-end developer,

20 years of experience
in mobile development

Alexandre Roux

lead back-end developer,

18 years of experience
in mobile development

Wojciech Bartosiewcz

Web developer & graphic designer,

Wroclaw Academy of Fine Arts

Geoffroy Berson

social media developer,

Sciences Po Paris


Whether you are Cronomio user, look for a job, want to explore investment opportunities or you are simply interested in the project get in touch with us using the form below or emailing us directly on contact@cronomio.com.